What is a bitcoin faucet?

What are bitcoin faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are websites that allow you to receive small fractions of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, by doing simple tasks. These activities include solving a captcha (to verify that you are not a bot), solving a shortlink, completing a survey or maybe they pay you to download an app on your phone or play an app. But what do these sites earn that give away bitcoins (or the cryptocurrency of your choice) for simple activities? In reality, most of these sites don’t make much money.

From experience, in order to offer the best for one’s users, one tends to remain in parity, with no earnings or with a small net profit. This income comes from advertisements and shortlinks (when they pay) and, for slightly more advanced sites, from companies that offer the offerwall system (for example CPX).
But where can you redeem your payout in bitcoin?
There are several microwallets around the web, however, the best one that has the most associated faucets is definitely faucetpay.io.
So, if you want to try to enter this world, I suggest you create an account on faucetpay and start having fun redeeming your crypto!
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