What is faucetpay?

faucetpay is a micro wallet for cryptocurrencies.
It currently contains 13 cryptocurrencies (btc, eth, sol, bch, dash, doge, trx, usdt, bnb, zcash, dgb, ltc), with the 13th being feyorra (fey), a token introduced on the market by faucetpay and which you can mine via bet mining directly on FaucetPay.
Through wager mining, the site is providing 40% of the initial supply of fey and for every dollar wagered 0.00833336 FEY is mined and added to your wallet every 3 hours.
This, for those who are passionate about betting, can be a point in favor (nb. I’m not recommending betting, I’m simply explaining a particularity of this site).
In addition to betting, through this site you can depositsend and earn cryptocurrencies. On the site you can earn btc through the pay to click program, offerwall (therefore by carrying out surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, generally carrying out actions) or you can earn your favorite cryptocurrency through the faucetlist.

What is the faucetlist?
The faucetlist is a list of websites known as “faucets” through which you can receive small amounts of the cryptocurrency you want by carrying out activities: usually, most of these sites require you to complete a “shortlink”, where you have to prove that you are not a bot by solving a captcha and waiting for the timer. After that, you will be paid directly to your microwallet that you entered to enter the faucet. Other sites are more comprehensive and offer other earning opportunities beyond shortlinks, such as completing surveys, watching videos, lottery systems, and so on.

Well, if you are curious and want to try this fantastic site, I leave you the link: faucetpay.io.

If you want to understand what a faucet is, I leave you two examples of different faucets that always require you to have a faucetpay account:

  1. final.cryptoearnfaucet.com
  2. cryptoearnfaucet.com