What is rotate4all?

Rotate4all is a very attractive site for long-term earning prospects, especially if you use it often and accumulate a lot of referrals.
It is a classic “earn to promote” site that allows you to earn through various methods: the main one concerns the sharing of a PTP (pay to promote) link that you can share on various traffic exchange platforms. Every time someone opens your PTP link, you get paid $0.0003 for the first view. The site also pays you for multiple views by the same person, but the premium is reduced with each successive view.
Another method that the platform uses is that of pay to surf, that is, the site will pay you a premium for each 5-second advertisement you watch, based on your account level. By doing this you can make about $0.20 each day with minimal effort.
Finally, the site also features a referral program, which allows you to get 20% of the earnings made by your affiliates.
The play out is not very high but neither is it the lowest, in fact, you will have to acquire $5 before being able to withdraw your balance.
The main method of payment is paypal.