Earn by sharing your internet


Did you know that you can earn money by sharing your unused internet?
The platform that I want to present to you today is called Peer2Profit: this platform allows you to earn by sharing your bandwidth with those who need it and will pay you for each shared gigabyte. The earnings will obviously depend on the region you are in and therefore on the demand.
The great thing about sharing your unused internet is that you will passively earn money, and you won’t even notice that you have shared your internet as you won’t be affected.
The site supports many types of payment:

payment methodpayout
Qiwimin. 2$
Yoomoneymin. 20$
Webmoneymin. 2$
Perfect Moneymin. 2$
Payeermin. 2$
Bank Cardmin. 20$
LTCmin. $8
BTCmin. $300
USDTmin. $50
ETHmin. $20
BUSDmin. $2
TRXmin. $2
DASHmin. $2
BNBmin. $2
MATICmin. $2
TONmin. $5

As you can see you can use the method you prefer, even a direct payment to your bank card or you can opt for your favorite cryptocurrency. Being an online site that could disappear at any moment, I advise you to opt for the payment methods with the lowest payout, i.e. the ones I have highlighted.

Of course, like many platforms, it also has a referral program, so the more referrals you make, the more you’ll earn. I recommend giving it a try, so far it’s a paying site and it pays regularly.

As a wallet for your cryptocurrencies, I would like to recommend the best of the microwallets, namely faucetpay. If you don’t know what faucetpay is, read my article.